Sorry Nicky, I’m out.

Dear Nicky Morgan, Please accept this as written notice of my resignation from my role as Assistant Head and class teacher. It is with a heavy heart that I write you this letter. I know you’v…

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I have a bell!

I am looking at one of those Royal Mail cards.  The ones they put through the letterbox to tell you they called but did not want to make a noise and disturb you so they have left you this note and tiptoed away.  Everyone I know has had this happen and we all find it equally irritating.  So why do delivery drivers and posties do it?  Well I am the evil person who sent an email asking why my post was folded in half prior to arriving in my letterbox.  My letter was an enquiry rather than a complaint but challenging people on the way they do their jobs, when they regularly do a job for you, is a risky business.  I  now have flat letters and cards, but I will have to wait at least one working day after getting ‘the card’ and then trek to the sorting office (negligible parking) and queue, normally out of the door, to offer the card and proof of identity, in order to get the item the supplier broke their neck to get out before lunch on the day I ordered it.

I approve of the Royal Mail.  They are the only people who will, for the same price deliver an item to any part of the UK.  They have to compete with city centre business districts organising their own local mail, the internet, and every company that offers a carrier service as some companies send their mail abroad in parcels to be reposted back here as that is cheaper.  They were hugely profitable and well run and every government siphoned off these profits and limited their efforts to mechanise and modernise by doing so.  They continue to strain to provide an excellent service though much of their volume business has been syphoned off.

By the way the privatisation of the Royal Mail is something I disapproved of, because it will lead to an erosion of the promise to deliver for one price, anywhere.  It also took from the taxpayer a National Treasure, the allocation of shares and their incredibly low price, is yet another example of those in positions of power using it to put their noses, and those of their friends, into the trough, while ordering us to pay more tax to refill it.

In 2021 when he hopes we will have forgotten what an a**e Vince Cable is, he and his pals in the coalition government (I think we will have a coalition for a long time, until they realise they have to find a way of working together for our benefit not theirs.  We have always been a moderate, middle of the road country, and want politicians to recognise that and behave accordingly and have sensible discussions to reach reasonable conclusions, but they crave excitement and ‘clear blue water’ between their various policies.  They like pointing at each other and shouting in the way they did at school.) will abolish the need to deliver for the same price on the basis that there are not that many people living in remote areas so let’s overcharge them and make some profit and he can claim the business is just the same as it was before the 2011 Act.

Back to my mail delivering person.  In fact to all of you in employment.  Yes, it really is the detail of doing every part of your job well that counts.  Each time you steal time to use it for an activity that is selfish you are letting yourself down, not just ‘the bosses’.  it is a fact that the bigger the organisation the more likely it is that people will steal from it because they feel anonymous, they think no one can see them.  Well when you look in a mirror are you looking at someone you are proud to know?  Do your fellow workers mind making up for the time you waste or the jobs you do badly or not at all?  Would you be prepared to ask them? Does someone have to be watching you for you to be a good person?  Every little thing you do each day defines who you are.  Make the people you meet smile, even if you haven’t much to smile about, it will make you feel better.

Am I making a fuss over nothing, well possibly, because my bell was not rung I did not sign for and receive my parcel.  Definitely not the end of the world, I am retired, I can go and collect it tomorrow.  I am very fortunate, I have a working vehicle and can drive there and put it in the car and drive home.  If I was working every day it would be different, if I had to walk or use a bus or taxi, if I was disabled or ill and could not get out and used mail order for that reason. Why, if it is your job to deliver an item would you not ring the bell and/or knock on the door?

There, I feel better now.  I don’t hate politicians, just the rotten decisions they make on our behalf.  I don’t hate my delivery persons, in fact some of them are delightful and do over and above every time, not just delivering but smiling and cheerful so meeting them lifts my spirits.

I just hate someone who has a job not doing it.


I see a name I know on a communication and click on it. A picture, a story and a message. One was about mental health, another asking for awareness of a children’s ailment to be raised, and then recently, bullying. I seem to be getting more and more of these. The message attached asks me to pass it on or like it or circulate it to a number of people in a (usually) small timeframe . I agree with the causes, feel sympathy with the problems, so why does my finger hover, why have I started to delete or ignore these missives?
They end with a line or two after the request which says something like, “I bet most of you will delete this” or, “4 out of 5 of you will ignore this child/leper/story/picture, terrible things will happen to them, don’t you be one of them.
Maybe I am a grumpy cow, but I hate being cajoled or coerced or threatened to do things. I do respond positively to masses of mail asking for support or publicity or a reply but if you shake a metaphorical stick at me I will grab it , break it in two and stick the bits where the sun don’t shine, as I hate being bullied.
When did a simple request stop being enough? Who started the fashion for attaching “or else!” To “do this”?
And it broke my heart a little bit to ignore the request for raising awareness of bullying as I used to teach and have children and grand-children, but adding a bullying rider to the message negated it for me.
So, for everyone out there with a cause.
Keep it simple, don’t make threats or promises.

State the facts or tell the story.

Ask the question.
I think that people like me are out there waiting to be asked or made aware.
We do not have time or emotion to spare for mind games manipulating us to a point of view.
Or am I alone in this?